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December 2nd, 2011 by

Lately we’ve been planning the development of our newest game called ‘Secret Project’ (at least, that’s our very secret name on this website ;-)). We’ve done a lot of brainstorming for different gameplay elements of the game. During the brainstorming we love to think big and work big and use a lot of paper. We thank our Swedish friend Ikea for providing us with cheap paper scrolls with a length of 30m. That’s about enough space to put on weird ideas on. Like space cows!

We discovered that brainstorming with cats isn’t the best idea. They tend to sit exactly on the spot on which you want to write something and if they don’t get the attention they think they deserve… they just rip the paper out of frustration. Alas for us, we are only weak humans and we cannot resist their fluffiness.

So we’ve picked up the actual game development again, which feels great – we were getting kind of bored with setting up our own company. But no more! We’re back where we are at our best: writing complicated code, making pretty art and build stuff in 3D.

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  1. akaIDIOT says:

    You’re getting it all wrong, the cat is trying to convince you to make a game about it. Think of the endless attention whoring gameplay elements!

  2. Tech-Junkie says:

    Brainstorming should be done on big whiteboards of course! multiple if you have them, and take pictures to eternalize them. Post-its are also a good addition as are different colours of marker for the board. Dangle some yarrrn around for the cat and she’ll also be happy 😉

    moar brainstorming is moar better!

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