Barrr featured in the Android Market!

December 15th, 2011 by

Yarrrrr! Since last Saturday Barrr is featured in the games section of the Android Market and also in the ‘Choice of the staff’ section ! We’re really happy that this little pearl finally gets some attention in the spotlights.

Now more people get to serve cute little pirates some beer at the bar, make sure they don’t pee their pants whenever they get enthusiastic and give ‘ em that tattoo that makes them real pirates.

2 Responses to “Barrr featured in the Android Market!”

  1. sahithi says:


    can any one help me how to buy something in SHOP option…….. i can see some things whenever i press the button “SHOP” but cannot by anything……….. Please let me know how to buy them

    • roy says:

      Hey, you can earn money by playing levels. Your top score for each level gets added to your budget for a set of levels. In the top right corner in the shop you can see how much money you have and if you’ve got more money than the upgrade costs you can buy it!

      If this doesn’t help, let us know!

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