Firedroid at the Dutch Game Garden network lunch

June 8th, 2012 by

The Dutch Game Garden is a EU-sponsored foundation on a mission to accelerate the growth of the Dutch game industry both nationally and internationally.

They have a monthly network lunch which is attended by a lot of people form the Dutch game industry and interested parties. People are allowed to bring their games and show them to attendees and with the announcement of Kings Can Fly just behind our backs it seemed like a great fit to showcase our game to fellow developers and to get ourselves better known among our peers.

So wednesday the 6th of June we packed our bags, got in the car and drove off to Utrecht, which is where Dutch Game Garden’s HQ was located. After arriving we were welcomed, told where we could put our bags and how the lunch would progress. After this we got to work setting up our game!

Putting Kings Can Fly on a Indigo machineĀ (shown in the picture) wasn’t straight-forward though. We brought our own iPad 1 with the game on it, but the first generation iPads can’t be connected to a screen easily. Fortunately for us we could lend someone’s iPad 3. Unfortunately our xcode wasn’t up-to-date and since currently xcode is distributed through the Apple App Store we couldn’t get it because the App Store didn’t want to install it. We found a normal download-link but it would’ve taken over two hours to download. By that time the lunch would already be over!

Kings Can Fly at the Dutch Game Garden




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