Firedroid’s upcoming game: Ice Cream Nomsters!

January 15th, 2014 by


We proudly introduce you to our new game in development for mobile devices: Ice Cream Nomsters!

In this game you are in control of ice cream trucks in a world full of slightly weird but kind of cute monster houses that have an extreme craving for ice cream. So you’ve got a job to do to keep them happy.

As you can see, we’re quite far in the production already. It took us a long time before we came up with a name for the game, so the announcement is relatively late in the production.

The coming weeks we’ll be posting more information about the game, its development and if all goes well some video footage.  For now: Om nom nom nom!

Kings Can Fly in the iKoid Bundle!

January 5th, 2014 by

iKoid has an amazing Android bundle for only $0,99 that contains Kings Can Fly and 4 other fun games like Color Sheep and Naughty Bricks. Go get it at – it will be gone in 4 days, so spread the word!



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