About Firedroid

Firedroid is a company set up in 2011 by four fresh graduates from The Netherlands. We’ve changed our passion for game-design from a hobby to a profession. Our mission is to make high quality games for Android and iOS that reach a broad audience.

Our teams exists of:

Mariecke Kouwenberg: she’s our illustrator and makes the brightest and cutest concept art that will bring even the toughest men to their knees.

Willem van Vliet: our 3D hero who can make a perfectly executed 3D model of a concept drawing with incredible speed. He is also our story writer and level designer. To balance this out, he’s rubbish at 2D.

Rachel Kremer: a bit of an artist all-rounder, she makes pretty concept art, textures, animation and can do a little 3D work of her own.

Roy van der Veen: the programmer with a brilliant mind that can solve issues in a matter of hours instead of days.

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