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How I met Android: Part 1

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Android is a pretty new platform for me. I’d like to share how I learned about the platform and began developing for it.

Understanding the platform

I think google has done a good job explaining Android in the first part of theĀ developers guide. The What is Android? page gives a short overview targeted at developers. On the Application Fundamentals page you can find an overview of the core concepts that make up an Android application. It’s a long page, but I really recommend reading it completely, as every important concept is presented and explained.


The beginning

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

We’re currently in week five of our project! But before we start updating this blog with our findings, progress and hurdles, allow me to explain exactly what we’re doing here.

As explained before, we’re two Dutch students developing a game for the Android OS. This project, dubbed Firedroid for now, will count towards our Minor Credits. So this is no mere hobby project, but something enabling us to get our degree in Multimedia. That said, we’ve got five glorious months to make the most kick-ass game we can imagine with very little previous experience. Be sure, we’ve made games before in Java and Flash, but they’re hard to compare to the scale of the game we plan to crank out this time.

So, what have we got planned? (more…)