We’re still alive: Screenshots

Barrr GameplayFirst of all: We haven’t blogged much since February because as it turns out making games is rather hard.

From February till the end of March we’ve  been working very hard to finish the game in time for our original assignment. Now, the original plan was to release that version to the Android market.

We finished the project and got graded a 10 (the highest grade :D ) and were very happy with that, but didn’t have the feeling the game was ready to be released just yet. It had full gameplay but lacked levels, everything was random and geared towards showing off the gameplay. It also didn’t support the new Android-phones with bigger displays, since they didn’t exist yet when we started building the game.

So we decided we wanted some extra features:

  • Support new screen resolutions
  • Multiple (5+) levels
  • Per-level hiscores
  • Usertesting-driven improvements

After the project was done we both got busy with other assignments so Barrr got a bit side-tracked (also, after putting a lot of hours into the game, especially in the project’s last two weeks we both had enough of it for a while), which is why the changes took some time to implement.

We’re almost there now, so here are some screenshots!

Barrr: Main menu

Barrr: Add account

Barrr Gameplay

We’re finishing up on the last changes and features at the moment, hoping to release the game in about 1-2 weeks!

6 Responses to “We’re still alive: Screenshots”

  1. akaIDIOT says:

    Woop, can’t wait!

    And *still* I want to click some female pirate customers, yarrr… :)

    Great job tho, both of you ♥

  2. Roy says:

    Thanks, and thanks to you for testing :D

    Just pretend the male pirates to be females ;)

  3. Pete says:

    I have embarked on a similar project, except I’m building an iPhone game, and would like to eventually port it to Android.

    Will you be putting up sample code for how to accomplish different tasks?


    Great effort by the way. The game looks awesome.

  4. Roy says:

    Peter, what do you mean by different tasks? If you’ve already written the game logic for the iPhone it’s just a matter of porting it to Java/Android. Check Chris Pruett’s Google I/O 2009 talk on what you can and cannot use.

    For the rest of the UI I’d recommend using the standard Android stuff so you’ll probably want to do tutorials on developer.android.com and read up on the platform and the stuff you need.

    What is your game about?

    Thanks for your compliment, we’re really happy with how the game turned out.

  5. geneva says:

    it looks like a cool game…please email me when it is out i will download it for my phone

  6. Roy says:

    Geneva, the game is already out. You can scan the QR code at the right to go to its market page!

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