We’ve released the full version!

We’ve released our full version on the market today! To celebrate, here are some screenshots and links:


8 Responses to “We’ve released the full version!”

  1. sylvie says:

    How can I get and pay for the full version for my HTC sensation unit

  2. Roy says:

    The game is available on the Android Market, you’ll need a credit card to pay for it.

  3. sylvie says:

    hi roy, the site says that it’s incompatible with my phone…but it’s been working good since i’ve installed it. can you do something about it? i like the game very much.

  4. Chioubaca says:

    After having good time with Barr Lite, I just purchased the full version. Is there a way to transfer my scores from lite to payed version?

  5. Roy says:

    Hey, thanks! I’m afraid the full version doesn’t have access to the lite version’s scores so they can’t be transferred. After the first 15 levels it’s 45 new ones though!

  6. sylvie says:

    Hi…the lite version is running great with my HTC sensation, but I couldn’t get the full version maybe there’s a compatibility issues. Is there any other way to get it other than changing the unit? And if it was the only way, which android phones this game is compatible with. Thanks….

  7. AmoK says:

    Are pictures under CC license ?

  8. Roy says:

    I’m afraid they’re not. What do you want to do with them?

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