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We’re still alive: Screenshots

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Barrr GameplayFirst of all: We haven’t blogged much since February because as it turns out making games is rather hard.

From February till the end of March we’ve ¬†been working very hard to finish the game in time for our original assignment. Now, the original plan was to release that version to the Android market.

We finished the project and got graded a 10 (the highest grade :D ) and were very happy with that, but didn’t have the feeling the game was ready to be released just yet. It had full gameplay but lacked levels, everything was random and geared towards showing off the gameplay. It also didn’t support the new Android-phones with bigger displays, since they didn’t exist yet when we started building the game.

So we decided we wanted some extra features:

  • Support new screen resolutions
  • Multiple (5+) levels
  • Per-level hiscores
  • Usertesting-driven improvements