Ice Cream Nomsters


Ice Cream Nomsters is the game project we are working on at the moment. It’s a time management game in which you drive around a ice cream truck in a strange world full of monster houses that all want ice cream. It’s your task to keep them happy! Bring on that ice cream, om nom nom nom! Check our blog or social media accounts regularly for updates on the progress of Ice Cream Nomsters!


Barrr is a cute and fast time-management game where you run your own pirate bar. Good reflexes and quick decision making are needed to keep your customers happy and your coffers loaded with booty. Serve the pirates ale, ink their skins and let them rock out on guitars, while you make sure that none pee on your clean deck!


Kings Can Fly

A beautiful and fun puzzle game with over 60 levels set in a kingdom above the clouds. Kings Can Fly will soon have your brain sweating as you try to fly the King through his maze-like kingdom. You need a good eye and sharp wits to navigate the towering mountains, spiked gates and dangerous whirlwinds you encounter on the way.

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