Barrr is a cute and fast time-management game where you run your own pirate bar. Good reflexes and quick decision making are needed to keep your customers happy and your coffers loaded with booty. Serve the pirates ale, ink their skins and let them rock out on guitars, while you make sure that none pee on your clean deck!


Barrr Start Menu


Barr features fast gameplay, engaging mechanics and a unique art style. More than 50 levels spread out over 4 themes keep the game fresh, and the progressive difficulty will entertain both casual and experienced gamers.

* fast gameplay
* 60 levels
* online hiscores
* upgrade system
* 4 level themes
* unique art style
* 3 game modes
* profile-linked progression


Beach Level


Barrr is the first game Firedroid released, after a considerable development period as a student project. The game was written from scratch, specifically for Android OS, over the course of two year. After the initial success of the Barrr Lite version, we went on to make a full fledged game.

After completion of Barrr, we went on to form our company with Willem & Rachel.


Buy Barrr on the Android Market:

Buy Barrr on the Android Market

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Barrr Development Blog

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Level Map

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