Kings Can Fly


“The impressive graphics combined with the logical gameplay make this indie title perfect for gamers of all ages and types.”

“Kings Can Fly is an infinitely charming and deviously clever puzzle entry from Firedroid.”

“This puzzler looks like pure fun, as you build windmills to direct the paths of floating ships sailing around the magical Air Kingdom.”

“Kings is a simple concept of a puzzler but delivered in style that really soars.”

Kings Can Fly is a fun and lighthearted puzzle game where you build wind fans to guide the King’s airships through puzzles.

Though the pace is relaxed, the characters are loveable and the puzzles start out easy, Kings Can Fly will soon have your brain sweating as you try to fly the King through his maze-like kingdom. You need a good eye and sharp wits to navigate the towering mountains, spiked gates and dangerous whirlwinds you encounter on the way.

With over 60 levels of increasing difficulty you’ll be having hours of fun. Play the game with friends or let your kids try their hand at navigating the bright red balloons to their docks!

Kings Can Fly is Firedroid’s second game release, following the popular Barrr pirate game. What started as a graduation project has been sculpted into a polished and cheerful puzzle game that will lure you in with its challenges and atmosphere.

Out on November 22th for iOS and Android and optimized for Xperia Play.

For more images and art, visit the Kings Can Fly website!
To get an insight in the development of the game, visit our devblog.

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