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Fan Design

Posted by Rachel On April - 25 - 2011

A first simple sketch for a fan.
You can see the temporary donkey-powered engine, which might be replaced by robotic hamsters if we get the funding.
On a serious note, we’re also thinking about the possibility to be able to upgrade the blades of a fan. The player starts with a wooden frame with fabric between, then later on in the game you can unlock fans with wooden blades and wooden blades with an iron frame. These upgrades produce a more powerful wind.

Designing ships

Posted by Rachel On April - 22 - 2011

There are many tactics for ‘visual’ brainstorming, and this is one of them. Drawing silhouettes of an object gives you an impression of a shape.

This allows you to work a lot faster than normal sketching because a silhouette doesn’t need any details and is focused on just the shape. I thought this was a great technique for the designing of the airships in the projects early phase.

Study: mountains

Posted by Rachel On April - 20 - 2011

Mountains and mountain peaks play a big part in our game world and since mountains aren’t the most easy objects to paint, I’ve made some sketches to get a feeling for the texture and structure of mountains. Mountains on different continents have different shapes, so we still have to decide what kind of shape we prefer for our world.

Brainstorm session

Posted by Willem On April - 4 - 2011

A monday morning brainstorm session is something special. With fresh minds comes fresh ideas. The session was to turn our thoughts to a single direction, to, eventually, bring forth game concepts.

It also makes for an artsy table cover.
Brainstorm session