Kings Can Fly

by Firedroid

Tech progress week 11

Posted by Roy On June - 18 - 2011

On the tech side this has been a productive week. Last week we implemented placing fans and having fans influence the ship’s route through the level. This week we expanded on that, implementing the wind indicators and fixing a bug with the ship’s roll.

After that we heard that our Unity iOS licence was about to get ordered, so the focus shiften to rotating and moving the camera around and about on the playfield. We were still using buttons and since the iPad has none of those, it was important to have it done by mouse since it’s a small step from mouse location to finger location.

Later into the week we added the four fans on the right to check whether we could easily add fans that followed the world’s rotation, seeing how we want to set limits to the amount of fans per direction available to the user.

So there you have it! The camera can now freely move and rotate by using the mouse and fans work nicely.

A video showing all the recent goodness:

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