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by Firedroid

Balloon Brothers on the iPad

Posted by Roy On June - 23 - 2011

After some minor issues with licenses and software we finally have our work in progress running on the iPad! This was amazing to see and test after waiting for so long, since it’s hard to guess what will have a big impact on performance and what our game’s performance would be at this point.

After a few modifications to our input system the game ran pretty well and it would seem we’re clear from any performance problem, which really takes away some worries.┬áIt’s also way easier to show others our game now!

It’s running pretty stable at 60fps at this moment, although we won’t be able to make the full game run this fast; there is still a lot of geometry and textures to add. All in all, we’re very optimistic and happy with it’s current performance.

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  1. Karst van der Leij Said,

    Hey guys, looking awesome. Keep it up :)

    Posted on June 29th, 2011 at 19:42

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