Kings Can Fly

by Firedroid

About tilesets and repetition

Posted by Willem On July - 28 - 2011

Our first mountain tileset was actually pretty good. It looked cute and did convey the message: “I’m a mountain, don’t bump into me.”
It had it’s problems however. First off, it did not tile correctly in every situation. And placing several straight tiles in a row to create a wall resulted in a hideous repetition.
Rachel tried to solve both with several re-texture attempts, but all of them had the same problems, or were to bland.

So, we tried to solve it with new mesh.
Willem made a new tileset, that featured the solution: Several alternate straight tiles that were different in length (next to a length of one unit, we now have a piece for two, three and four units long).
Since, this elevated the tiling-repetition problem, Rachel could now make a texture that had contrast. It still has to tile nicely with even more combinations however.

The way the UV map is made has changed too.

The first mountain UV was fragmented. Every tile was separated from the other. This made it hard to create a tileable texture. So in the second gen. it was connected. Although this made it easier, all the angeled lines made texturing as a whole a pain.

So the third generation, that we currently use, is horizontally straight. Makes texturing a breeze.
But: as any UV-mapper out there knows. This makes the texture distort enormously, since the UV is not a accurate representation of the actual mesh. We were surprised with the distortion, it’s not really noticable.

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